Welcome, take a look at the properties and apartments that we have for sale! If you can't find what you are currently looking for, give us a call and let us help you. We have many properties and apartments for discrete sale, meaning that they are not marketed on the Internet. We also take assignments on purchasing properties or apartments, where we use ads and various marketing tools to find the best solution for you. In a purchase assignment, it is the buyer who is charged for the sales commission.

Ruoholahdenkatu 6


1-2h, avok, kph, terassi
50.8 m2
500 000 €

Leankuja 6 A


7h, k, 2 kph, 2 wc, s, vh, autotalli
172.0 m2
520 000 €

Iirislahdentie 27 B


6h, avokeittiö, 2 kph, 2 wc, s, khh, ulkovarasto
178.0 m2
725 000 €



Päärak: 4h, k, s, kph, khh, 2wc. Sivurak. A: 1h, kk, s, kph. Sivurak. B: 1h, kk
172.0 m2
750 000 €

Haukitie 8 B


182m2 + 65m2: 3-4 mh, oh, rt, k. 2kph, 3wc, s, khh, puk.tila, ask.h., atriumpiha
182.0 m2
839 000 €

Itäniityntie 4 A

Laajasalo, Yliskylä

4h, k, 2 kph, 2 wc, khh, s, vh, las.terassiparveke, piha
112.0 m2
496 318.78 €

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